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GUANGDONG YIYANG HOSE CO.,LTD. is a leading manufacturer of PVC hoses, located in a provincial industrial park Kaiping,Guangdong of China. With a strong focus on scientific research and manufacturing, we have become a high-tech enterprise group with an annual production capacity of 9000 tons. Our popular brands include "YIYANG" , "TONYDX" , "LEADER" , "GARLLEA" , "FONA" and FLS , offering a wide range of products such as High pressure Air hose, Twin welding hose, Gas hose, High pressure Spray hose, garden hose and garden hose reel set, fire-hose, lay-flat water discharge hose, suction hose, braided hose, etc. 
We take pride in our significant influence in the PVC hose industry, with our products reaching customers across China and exported to over 40 countries and regions, including America, Europe, South America, South East Asia, Russia, and other Belt and Road countries.
Quality as life, Science and technology as leader, Customer satisfaction as purpose .

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